Rig problem with a voxel mesh


I’m new to blender (not an artist) and I need to rig a model and I’m facing a weird problem. The model is imported from MagicaVoxel (a tool to create voxel graphics):

Almost every vertex is a “double vertex”, but I can’t remove them because the normals are added up, and they mess the voxel look of the model

The problem comes when binding the armature and the mesh. For some reason, the automatic weighting fails to give the same weight to each vertex (I suppose the method uses not only vertex position but also face position and coverage, thus giving different values as each vertex belong to a different face).

In example, in the following vertex “group”, there are 3 vertexs but none of them have the same weights. When moving the bone then the mesh “opens a hole” in that part (which is obvious as the same vertex has different weights)

Is there a solution other than learning python and writing a script to fix double vertices’s weights? :slight_smile:


Hi there,

  1. Blender doesn’t understand the double vertices when skinning, even with python i believe. Don’t go that way, you will pull your hair.
  2. Why you cannot remove those doubles, what do mean by destroying the look of vortex?
  3. I have some free time today if you upload the model i may clean it for you :slight_smile: