rig problem

i did a tut about hand setup
<<<click tut>>
<<<CLICK here for my problem>>
when i want to enter a target in OB,after i hit enter it dissapear.
where did i go wrong?

thx in advance

You must have mispelled the name of the object. It’s case sensitive, remember.
Also, if you want to use another bone as target, you have to type the name of the Armature object in the OB field. Then, a BO field will appear where you can type the name of the bone.


hmm i didnt see the tut mentioned a armuture name
can you tell me what target he means?

Go back to the tutorial to the paragraph that starts with:

Time to add constraints. Enter pose mode and go to the Object…

They tell everything you need to know there, and there’s even a nice picture to show you exactly where you type in the values.


yeah i found it got a typo