Rig slider woes...

Thank you, that was helpfull on all levels. Now I understand why to go for multiple limb sets, and why my sliders don’t work correctly.
I’m off to fix them right away.

Do you have a practical example of a one-limb-set screwing with the IK solution?
Not that I’m a seasoned animator by far, but I never had any problems with it, so I’m curious.

I get the super-short explanation. If you wouldn’t mind a short, or medium explanation (or a link) then by all means… :stuck_out_tongue:
Because wasn’t this just what some of the posts in the bug tracker are also about?

I’m glad your post should help me fix my armature back up, but I’m just curious about some of these things. Can’t be arsed to think I’m the only one either…

The only example I know of off hand is Rinky’s tail (the tall squirrel from BBB). In that case I actually exploited the behavior for a purpose. Set the tail to FK, bend it into whatever shape you like, and then set it to IK. If you move the IK target around you’ll notice that the tail tends toward the FK shape you made. The FK pose determines the tendency and direction of bending for the IK solution. This is true of all IK chains.

In the case of most arm rigs I want to ensure that the IK arm always bends in the correct direction, so keeping the animator from posing the IK bone chain is necessary. Alternatively you could just add constraints to keep the animator from posing it in weird ways, but the duplicate chain solution has the additional benefit of nicer interpolation.

I’m sure there are also cases where you would want to give the animator the freedom to pose the IK chain. It just depends on what the rig is going to be used for.

Cessen, thanks for this info. My current mood: giddy. Not to hijack, but how do I get rid of the other datablocks? Or does it really matter if they are still there?

Cessen, thank you very much. You have really cure my headache concerning this problems.