Rig Support - Crossing Animations into Unity

Hi guys i’m currently working on a game and my first base character is still a work in progress, but before i started animating i wanted to know how exactly would i create separate animations for the legs and torso and have them cross over in unity engine.

torso has idle pose, run pose, weapon pose
legs have idle post, run pose

how would i create them separately and then have them mix so i could have torso with weapon while legs have run, then have the torso switch to run, how do i set up the animations in blender?

do i have to create the animations separately like i would idle and run in general? thanks for the help guys.

p.s. i’m also looking for people to help with the project, i’m making an anime fighter, i haven’t decided if it will run on a desktop client or a web browser yet but we’ll see.

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