Rig terribly slow when coming in Pose mode (Rigify)

I have to animate a very detailled photorealistic character. It was firstly praticly impossible to move it because of lag so i turned off all particles systems (hair) and every modifiers from viewport for each part of the character.
But in pose mode that still lagged a lot, so i one by one made invisible every parts of the character’s mesh in Viewport and now it’s still lagging too much even with only the rig present in Viewport.
I precise i’m in solid shading mode (no texture).

When i go in object mode the scene is perfectly fluid and timeline run at max framerate, but each time i try to move the rig even alone, it’s really slow, and every animators know how this is a time consuming mess to animate realitically a thing that react slowly like this.

video showing rig slowness: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x2_r9eg3YsiPxJ_Ts6ACG-9N1lwHFGEH/view

Do someone have any idea of what i could do more to make the Pose mode fluid with this rig ?
I precise I have a great workstation built for 3D with 64GB ram, amd Ryzen etc, so nothing about computer performance here.
Thanks a lot by advance for any help

You need to make sure that you’re hiding things using “disable in viewports” and not “hide in viewports” (outliner tooltips.) Hide in viewports does not prevent Blender from calculating them. You may need to enable the display of “disable in viewports” in your outliner view for this option to appear. Your video is a bit blurry for me to see what’s really going on.

If there is any object that is disabled in viewports but that is involved in any kind of dependency from an object that is not disabled in viewports-- like a bone in your rig shrinkwraps to it, for example-- then it will be calculated even if it is disabled in viewports. There’s no way to stop it from being calculated.

Object mode playback on an animated rig should be as slow as pose mode. But if the rig is not actually animated, it will be fast, because none of the objects will need to be updated/recalculated. Blender’s at least smart enough to do that.


Thanks a lot, i didn’t knew this difference between “Disable in viewport” and “hide” and it just solved my problem. I disabled from viewport a lot of elements and kept the strict minimum meshs and my rig suddenly became very fluid (one element particulary was slowing the whole)

Now i just don’t find how disable from viewport all the objects we have selected with one click.
(I have a heavy scene with thousands of objects that i don’t need visually and slow it, disabling them one by one is very long). Do you know how to do this?

The easiest thing to do is to use collections to organize your objects. Move everything save the armature to a new collection, and then you can disable that entire collection in viewports.

To move a bunch of stuff to a new collection is pretty easy, but the actual steps probably depend on your initial interface choices. For me, it’s just select all (or box select, or whatever), m → “new collection”.

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Yup i tought there will be a way to disable directly all selected but great and easy solution too. Ty again!!