Rig twists my mesh in knots when rig is parented to it

I’m attempting to get through the process of rigging a character, and I’m running into some problems.

When I parent the mesh to the rig, the character deforms in strange ways, and his right side deforms in a way which is different from the left. The character does in fact move with the rig, but he looks twisted.

I assumed that the problem was that I hadn’t scaled the bones properly, so I reset location, rot and scale on both the character and the rig. That doesn’t change what happens at all. I parented with automatic weights, which is what I understood I was supposed to do. I reverted to an old file and repeated the process, and the same thing happened again.

I’ve spent a lot of time going through different documents to figure out how this works, but I can’t figure this out at all. What is going on here, what did I miss?



maletemplate.blend (1.42 MB)

its you Ik holding the bone twisted.

Sounds like a circular dependency in your rig. That’s when Bone A moves Bone B, and Bone B moves Bone A, sometimes through an intermediary Bone C. Check your parenting, first of all, then check any constraints you’ve put on your bones. IK targets parented to the bone chain they affect are frequent culprits. Your rig should have a root bone, that is child of nothing, and all the strays (IK targets, pole targets, etc) should be parented to the root.