Rig, wip, odd character.

Hello everyone. I’m learning to rig in Blender, learning to rig well in general. :evilgrin: Here is what I have so far. A reverse foot rig, and some custom objects for many of the controls. I guess the next thing I need to work on is ik and ik/fk switching for the arms. I tend to use fk most of the time, but I might need it. Any suggestions for the spine? The facial rig will be last, and I’ve no idea how to approach it yet. Shape driven keys or bones. The face is simple so I might do a jaw bone and perhaps a lattice. Thanks for looking.:RocknRoll:


I like the stylish foot controls!

seems to be funny …

his feel controls look like he stepped on mice traps :).
face controls???what face???:stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking of just doing spline shape controls, so that the controls won’t get so much in the way. But I will worry about that later. Here is a shot of that character so you can get a feel. About his face: For this character I plan on using body language to express most of it’s emotions. It will have some mouth movement and perhaps brow movement, but I’m not sure if I want to even do that much. It’s a silent character, so I’m practicing my character body performance/acting. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like to use shape keys for the face but…
looking at how ugly that face is, you might want to consider starting out with hooks (cntrl+h in edit mode)
you might consider re-doing the face (so you can get good topology/ deforms)

but yeah, definitely give shape keys a try after you’ve done some stuff with it

thats nieeceee…
more clear from this view…has a totoro kind of feel :).

Here is a test I’m doing of a walk cycle (still work in progress, I know about the arms). I changed the boat paddle feet controls. I will post pics of the rig after I get the ik/fk figured out and fix some of my weight painting issues. Enjoy.