rig won't attach

hi everyone.
lately i’ve been desighning a ‘set’ of dragons for a short film i’m makeing. right now i’m working on one of the main characters (who is also kind of like the base for all the others) and i can’t attach the rig. every time i try it comes up with ‘failed to find solution for one or more bones’. what dose this mean and how do i get around it?
here’s the file.
crystal coloured with rigg.blend (1.51 MB)

this sometimes happens when you include overlapping bones. try moving the ik controllers to another layer and use only the deforming bones when adding the armature.
P.S. I tried your character in blender 2.57.1 and it attaches without problems.

the version i’m useing is blender 2.57b i think but i also tried in other versions and it didn’t work. i’ll give it a try. thanks

how do i move them to a different layer? i tried and they vanished, i couldn’t find them anywhere. i tried deleteing the IKs and that didn’t work either.

First of all:
only mark the bones for deformation of the mesh
and check the other (helper-)bones to be for NON-deformation.

If you created 2 bones for deformation and both have the same location, which bone should be used … ?? Thats why you have to mark the bone for its purpose, the default is a new created bone is marked (switched-on) for deformation, so you have to un-check/toggle this bone-option for not used bones (not used for deformation of the mesh!).

bones moved to another armature-layer are not visible until you set this layer to visible too – for the armature! (the double-rows of little layer-boxes of the armature window).

what do you mean by mark?
(sorry. that’s probably a dumb question but rigging is not one of my strong points)
what confused me was that i tried deleating the dragon’s body and body rig (as a differant file) and the same thing happened. is the facal rig faulty or something?
here’s both files.
crystal coloured with rigg.blend (1.51 MB)
crystal head rig.blend (1000 KB)

Mark?Check?Enable/Disable?Click? - it is a check-box
and for bone Deformation, it is
in the Bone window and
you can change this option in
Edit/Object/Pose-Mode of the Armature.

And where is the Bone-Window?
That is in the “Properties”-window
and there -from left to right-
after Camera, Scene, World, Object, Constraints, Armature-Icons
it appears only, when you have selected an armature, because
for other object-types … there are no bones!

The properties-window is NOT the properties-panel (one could pop-up inside, at the left border of an window like the 3D-View-window). The properties-window is one of those other windows like python-console, text-editor, 3d-view, etc.
and it is normaly at the right side of the default startup blender-layout.

btw. there is this good blender-2.5x starter-tutorial in pdf-format from:
> http://www.cdschools.org/54223045235521/blank/browse.asp?A=383&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&C=55205
its called:
Blender Basics 4th Book
and explains some of the basics like the user-interface and a lot more…

i thought that’s what you ment but i jst whanted to be sure. i uncheacked the deform box for the IK controlers but it still didn’t work. this has been happening to the last couple models i’ve done and i can’t figure out why…

then you have to provide the blend-file to check the setup …
(try to delete unused things … to make it smaller and use the compression for the save.)

Try doing a search for startup.blend on your computer. move it to a new folder. then restart blender and try again to add the armature.
I’ve tried both files and have not had a problem adding the armature. so I think your startup.blend file might be corrupt.

if it is corupt, how do i fix it? (right now i’m on a differant computer because i’m at school but i’ll cheack when i get home). so if i used another pc with blender would it work? i have a friend who’s learning who wouldn’t mind giveing it a go.

If the startup.blend is corrupt it can’t be fixed and isn’t worth keeping. If you move it to a new folder blender will make a new one. If you have saved any preferences they will be lost and you will have to set them again.
If after moving the startup.blend you find that you have the same problems then its not the startup.blend causing the problem. you can then delete the newly created startup.blend and replace it with the old one and retain any preferences you have set.
If after moving the startup.blend to a new folder you find that you can apply the armature without any problems then the old startup.blend is likely to be corrupt and ought to be deleted.
If you use another computer will it work ?.
Well I’ve already told you that I tested both your files and they both work without any problem so in all likelihood if you use another pc then the files you have supplied will work. But if you bring those files to your own pc and the startup.blend is corrupt and has not been replaced then you are likely to have other problems.

i searched and couldn’t even find startup.blend. my computer’s search tool is retarded and i need the location adress (sort of defeats the point). where is it found? with blender.exe? armatures are the only thing that give me any problems. is it possible that, because origanaly, blender was on my thumbdrive, that going from 1 pc to the next damaged the startup.blend? i re-downloaded it and the problems contined, (however i don’t think it uninstaled the old one right). do you mean move the blender program file?

to create a new “startup.blend”
you have to fire up blender-2.5x
select “load factory settings” (from the file-menu)
and switch to “user-preferences” (in blender)
and there select “save as default”
!!!Take care, this will re-create (and overwrite the old) startup.blend
with the default settings. Then you have to enable again your used addons
and any special key-settings and other settings you have made.

(it it still wont work, check you really created a default startup.blend
and if this is not the fault, you might have a faulty installation - could be
with some system-python-scripts missing … and so on…)

I doubt that your computer search tool is retarded it probably just needs some extra help.
The startup.blend for 2.57b is now stored in a global location and its more than likely in a hidden folder.

If you are using linux go to the home folder. from the explorer menu select view/ show hidden files, look for .blender, open it then open 2.57 and then open config and you’ll find startup.blend there.

If you are using win xp open my computer, open the c drive, select the search option, in the search panel select “more advanced options” and choose search hidden files and folders.
The path you are looking for should read something like this:
C:\Documents and Settings"your name"\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.57\config.
Right click on startup.blend and from the menu choose open file location.

If you are using vista or later try this.
enter startup.blend in the search field of windows explorer, in the main window click the icon for advanced search options. In the new panel which appears tick the box beside:
include non indexed,hidden, and system files.
You are looking for a path which will read something like this:
c:\users"your name"\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.57\config.
Right click on startup.blend and from the menu select open file location

If you are using another version of blender such as cycles then open the blender folder, open the 2.57 folder and then open the config folder where you will find startup.blend

i can’t access the Appdata because it’s hidden. how do I un-hide it? now that i think of it, it may be from faulty instalation. while it was installing it said it could not do something but i can’t remeber what. should i re-download?

I wouldn’t advise a reinstall its far too much bother and not likely have any relation to your current dilemma.
you could try this:
open a folder, from the windows explorer menu, select organize.
from the drop down menu, select folders and search options.
from the popup menu, select the view tab.
from the preferences panel, select show hidden files and folders.
then do a manual search.
your path should read something like this:
c:\users"your name"\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.57\config.

ok i found the start up. what do i do now? move it? delete it?

see post #10 and #12

I just checked your file again and I think I’ve found the problem and a possible work around.
If you delete the Master head bone and the jaw bone you should be able to attach the armature using automatic weights.
You can then select the armature. enter edit mode and create a new Master head and jaw bone.
If you name the jaw bone jaw it should work ok because you already have a vertex map called jaw.
but you need to go into weight paint mode and make a new vertex map called Master head. Then paint the weighting on the head.
You’ll then have to reparent the lip bones. but everything should work ok after that