rig won't move

I’m almost done with the rig. I have IK, shape bones, etc. They worked and after a while as I continued to move on to shape keys and such, well I can’t rotate most of the bones. Here’s the file. http://www.pasteall.org/blend/9193 .Please I need help. I worked on this thing (part time) for weeks trying to get it perfect. And when I did get to rig just right…boom. Any help is appreciated.


I’m working on blender 2.59 64bit.

you had “move object centers” checked. Unchedk it. it is a little button that looks like three dots over a double arrow in between the rotation mode selector and the transform widgets

Daren…THANK YOU!!! man i’m thinking i had to redo the rig…You’re a life saver. Aside from that. What did you think of the model and rig.? i have a long way to go and i could use any pointers.

ahhh…I’d rather not comment. The model was … ahhh… exaggeratuitous … The rig was good. Needed some refinement in parenting so that her chestals would move with her torso, but I’m sure you knew that. Just make sure bones are parented appropriately and I think it will work good.