Rig wont pose anymore (rotation/move locked?)

Hi guys

Listen, just a quicky here

I just finished a hand rig, copied to the other side and added it to its parent bone. Saved and when i tried to pose it…:rolleyes: it wouldn’t rotate/move.

now i checked on the transformation panel for locks…nothing locked there. And the “Move object centers only” option is deselected…any suggestions?

tnx a bunch :wink:

i would say check the armatures panel whilst in pose mode. There are two main switches near the bone layers “pose position” and “rest position”. It needs to be in pose if you want to be able to do anything with it :slight_smile:

i have fell into a similar problem myself

Whoops!!! that’s does it
tnx man appreciate it…well that was kinda embarrassing :spin:

nah its okay i have done it myself and it seems to be one of the more common pitfalls :slight_smile: