Hi Guys
Please can anyone help,

I’m having trouble with my rig not moving the mesh properly and I don’t know why
can you guys help?

The rig is here if you wouldn’t mind having a look


Dropbox doesn’t seem to be handling that file very well. All I get is a screen full of gibberish text. You might want to try posting it as a zip file or using Pasteall.

Hei thanks i’ve put it up on pasteAll now so hopefully it should work


Thanks again Ornioco

OK, first off, you have a weight painting project on your hands.

Notice you have a weighted ‘Tail Tip’ vertex group set up, but the bone in that area is called ‘Bone.001’. That won’t do. The bone and the vertex group must have exactly the same name for the bone to move the mesh. You’ll need to find and fix all those naming problems. Also, some bones influence meshes they shouldn’t (specifically the leg bones affect the wrong leg and parts of the tail… there may be other cases.) Once you have all the names corrected, check all the vertex group weights to see if anything is off. Correct it using the weight paint tools.

You also have some basic rigging problems.

In this case, the IK hand bones have raised the arms, which seems to work ok, but when I rotate the chest, the upper arms don’t move. The upper arms should move when the character’s shoulders move, while keeping the hands in position dictated by the IK hand constraints. But the arm bones don’t have a parent. You’ll need to check your entire rig (once the bones have correct names) to insure everything is parented properly. Another problem I noticed is ‘Bone’, which appears to be the first tail bone, moves the entire torso bone chain. The tail wagging the dog. Anyway, some fixes are needed there, too.

Hei Orinoco
Thanks for taking your time to help me out with this problem
I can see i have a lot of work to do :stuck_out_tongue: but thanks for finding all the issues so i know what’s going on with him now

If you’ve changed anything could you put the file up on PasteAll if not thanks all the same

Thanks again Orinoco

Wait, what? I did not find all the issues.

I found two major types of problems that should be fixed before going further. I did not look at all the vertex groups nor did I check out all the bones. Once those are fixed your character will behave better, but I’m not saying everything will be fine. There may be other problems…

Anyway, I didn’t make any changes, just found some screenshots that illustrated the problems so you can go in and fix them.

You’re welcome.

i know that you hadn’t found them all
but once you showed the areas that needed work i stumbled across the others myself
So thanks very much