Rigacar strange behavior

I want to rig a little car with rig rigacar6.
But I get a strange behaviour with the bones.

Anyone can help with this problem

Hi, you can do a simple setup with drivers.
Link to file :https://we.tl/t-xtGvX4qYa7

Yes but that doe not answer the question I am looking for hours what I did wrong checked the names.
But I do not understand I even have made a test car with no problem.
Your test driver file cannot steer.

Sorry, the file you uploaded didn’t have a rig. The steering can also be done with drivers.

Somebody ?

Did not solved the problem by removing the wheels on one side and copy and mirror them on the other side.{ Shift D S X-1 } Then did a new deformation R ( Shift A and choose Car deformation rig)

Sorry the rig does not work i have no idea what i did wrong but the car-body does not move with the wheels.