rigged animated ragdoll

tried to animate a ragdoll… here is the result.
wanted to create a character that becomes a ragdoll whet it dies or becomes unconscious… well its not really a rigged ragdoll, but im still satisfied with this solution
im on mac ppc so constraints is made with python…
and here is .blend file


I asked this in a post sometime ago, and now someone has really done it

since in my blender rigging refuses to work (no idea why) ill have to try using ipos in the blocks themselves.

Now we only need the ability to disable joints and we have dismemberment.
Any idea when is this feature comin? Anybody?

EDIT: no work, rigging doesnt work and if assigned directly the ragdoll starts spinning randomly.

Nice idea, exactly the same way as they do it in certain games. I wonder how long it takes before we get some fps shooter with ragdolls in it. :slight_smile:

As soon as I can add the hinge constraints from layer 2, with an Edit:Add Object, I have 2 games planed.

The first game is already playable… im just waiting on the above… going to be some funny stuff :slight_smile: