Rigged Cartoony Cardinal

Hey. This is my first post with work in it. I found Blender probably sometime last year but only actually got into it in the last few weeks. I think before that I followed the character animation tutorial halfway through… once. Haha.

But I have Blender down at least enough to where the things I can’t figure out are more like a puzzle and less like some impossible predicament of epic proportions, so now the program’s a lot more fun. :smiley:

Anyway, this is a little guy I’m working on modeling and rigging. I’d appreciate general feedback on whatever you can think of. Shots of the rig only show the main control bones. Rig is all bones (The IPO curve area and using it to make shape-key controlling bones is the next thing I need to learn…)

Also, name suggestions?


Sweet bird! Love the cartoony style you gave him! The rig looks good to me (never made a good rig myself but yours looks right). Hope you can make an animation out of this guy!

he is a nice looking guy,i like the cartoony style(i prefer it myself),and i would be happy to animate this guy(its shame i dont have nerves to build a rig on some of my characters),animate him please.

I have run into an issue that I really, really can’t figure out.

I am working on UV-mapping the eyes, which are done in the style sort of like the ‘Pixar eye tutorial’ somewhere on the wiki, although the clear part in front of the eye is done with ray transparency. (Also, is that overkill?)

It seems like there’s some kind of issue with the shadow from the eyelid, but only on a part of it?

If someone knows why this would happen, please let me know.