Rigged character animation looks fine in viewport, but it's deformed in render (NLA problem?)

Have you an idea of what’s going on?
Apparently, the problem is caused by the strip “CLIMB” that makes the character do the animation of climbing over the walk cycle. As you can see in the viewport everything looks ok (I was so happy) then I rendered and I noticed that the character gets deformed.
Deactivating the CLIMB strip the problem disappears.

Here a screencapture of what’s going on:

Things to do when render disagrees with preview:

  1. Check for differences in render/preview settings for modifiers, including subdivision iterations since different subdivision iterations can break binds;
  2. Check for differences in render/preview visibility of objects;
  3. Check for dependency loops by opening a console window and looking for “dependency cycle” warnings;
  4. Check for “simulated” values that can give different output depending on start frame, like physics or ITASC IK.
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Well, I’m not sure about the meaning of what I did, but apparently switching on the two buttons highlighted solved the problem.
I know I use the second one when I want to see the result of a modifier in Edit Mode, I don’t know what’s the effect of the first one.


Thanks! :partying_face:

That’s not what solved the problem. There was something else. But if the problem is solved, that’s good enough, right?

Kinda, I’d like to know the truth