Rigged character animtions.... not working


I have a rigged character, and I have an animation for punching. I also have the logic brick setup on the armature which is Up Arrow -> And -> Play F-Curve. The animation plays when I press ‘Alt-A’.

However, when I start the GE and press ‘Up’, it dosen’t work.

So, here’s the .blend:


Use the action actuator instead of the fcurve actuator.

Hi, i encounter similar issues, with an Action instead of an F-curve. Is there any Physic properties to set up, like armature = Dynamic, non ghost and Mesh = Dynamic, ghost.

In my case the armature is static actor and child of the player object. The player mesh is set to no collision. You mustn’t delete the armature modifer, though most tutorials suggest deleting it.

try to disable F-Curve in the logic brick ,e see if work

The usual way is to armature parent the skin mesh object to the armature object.
No modifier required for this.

The skin mesh object should not be a physics object or it would conflict with the physics of the armature.

Ok thanks, it works. :smiley: Monster, so the skin mesh should be set to no collision? Or to static/ghost?

The skin mesh can remain static. If you want you can switch of collisions of the faces. The physics part of the mesh does not deform with the action (Switch on “Show Physics Visualization” in the game menu to see it).

You can also use ghost or sensor as long as you do not use rigid body/dynamic/softbody while an intersecting parent is a physics object too. In that case both objects would fly away like a drunken bird;).

Thanks everyone.

Here is how I got mine to work in 2.59.

Rig the mesh anyway you like.

Give the armature Logic Bricks that enable it. “Actuator>>Armature>>Enable” (not sure if this is necessary)

Give the armature one Logic Brick that plays the Action "Actuator>>Action (Make sure to fill the small box with “armature deform”)

That should do it.