Rigged character moved too much when in the Game Engine


When I try to move my rigged character (by moving the armature), the character moves more than I moved it when I press P to play it in the game engine? Why is this happening (I suspect that it has something to do with both the model and armature have been moved, but Im a newbie so I dont really know :p), and how can I fix it?

To further see what the problem is, view this file:

If you dont feel like the downloading the textures, heres the files unpacked (900 kb instead of 4 Mb)

Yeah, you need to have one key control both the object and the armature. The way you do that is to select both the object and the armature objects, then you’ll see both the objects in the game window and you can run wires from the controller to both object actuators. The other problem you might be having is that your using “play” and “loop end” for your actions. These are instructions that tell the animation to finish even after the key is released. A loop stop will stop the animation when the key is released, only it will start up where it left off so you might have to use blending from your rest animation to the walk animation. Otherwise, you could use python to reset the frame to zero. Try to post simple examples of your questions when you post a blend because even 3 and half meg is quite a bit for a simple question. Break the problem down into simple elements. A simple armature and a simple body, it will also help you solve the problem yourself by thinking in simpler terms.

I have a strange issue where nothing is moving while the engine is running (after I hit P), but when I hit Esc I end up back in the menu and my character looks as if they’re in the middle of the animation I started :

Game Engine :
Afterwards : (note that before the game engine started, she was standing still)

Blend File

How do I set up the actuator for the mesh? :

Solved. Apparently I hadn’t parented/weighted properly. However, now I realize I need to make a single-mesh model, or at least as close to that as I can manage.

I dont think you really understand what I ment was my problem (although I didnt know that you could run wires between different objects, thanks for the tip :wink: ). The problem Im encountering is that when I move the character in OBJECT MODE it moves wherever I want it too, but when I press P to run it with the game engine, the character moves away even more from the camera (download http://www.mediamax.com/ultimadark/Hosted/ProjektGubbeAlt.blend to see what I mean). The “logic part” of the character seems to be placed right because he walks on the air and falls through the floor when he was supposed to with the position of the object in OBJECT MODE.

As I said I dont know why this happens, but I thought that perhaps it has something to do with the fact that when I created the walk cycle and swordswinging cycle, I used insert key LocRotScale. Was it wrong to use Loc?

I used insert key LocRotScale. Was it wrong to use Loc?

Depends what you used it for. I try to avoid using a location save myself. It’s still a relative type situation, but it keeps multiple actions from working at the same time. Most of the time rotation is all you need. I only use loc on the main parent bone when I want the body to bounce or something. I really don’t understand the problem, though. I might take another look later. The best way to understand these types of things is to simplify it, like I said. Then you can do lots of tests and get a good understanding of what’s happening before building a complex character with multiple actions.

If u downloaded the second file, you see that when in OBJECT MODE, the character is closer to the camera than the pillar, but when you press P, the character is further away. Thats the problem.

I’m no expert on rigged characters and actions (I’ve only made one once, and it was in 2.41), but it seems to me that the character itself is not supposed to be the dynamic actor with all of the logic attached to it, rather the armature is. When I made the armature in your file the dynamic actor instead of the character object, the character started in the correct position. However, it also fell right through the floor. I think I remember hearing that something is wrong with armature collisions in 2.42. fireside would probably be better able to answer that one.

As for your file, 4.0MB is way to large if you want people like fireside to help you. He’s on a dialup connection, so it would take him about an hour just to download it.

If I unpack it, will it still work? I think only the textures are packed. Then its around 900 kb instead.

Yes, the file will still work. You just won’t be able to see any textures, that’s all.

Ok, so here are the unpacked files!



Also I want to thank you for looking into my problem, even if the files are big :slight_smile: