Rigged clothing doesn't deform properly - any suggestions?

Hi there,

I am using parenting with empty groups and data transfer modifier to rig garments to a character. However, when the bones are moved and after I use some mocap animations, the garment deforms in weird ways presenting this shredded results.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you. rig

So its the guessing game then.

Without the clothes is deforming correctly?
Have you checked the weight and if they have a smooth transition?
Is the area influenced by another group somewhere else?

Thanks for your reply!

Yeah, without the clothes its fine. Also, weights seem to be smooth in terms of transition. I’ve tried to edit some of the weights but its very tricky to get a result that is satisfactory.

Do you think it might be a problem that I have 2 layers of clothes? Top and jacket?


I dont think so. The weights are transferred the same way to the pullover and then to the jacket. I suspect that another vertex group is influencing this area? Are other bones okay?

If the body mesh deforms well, you could try transfering the weights from the body to the clothes instead of letting Blender try and generate weights. It’s how I weight all of my clothes, and it works pretty perfectly honestly. Check this video out:

Thank you very much @Magnavis and @3DArtGuy !!
I was able to reach far better results by transferring weights and then doing some manual weight painting…

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