Rigged creature for short Film

I need a really detailed creature for Indie film with no-budget, Unfortunately I can not offer any money for the job however your name will definitely be shown in the credits and I can promote your work on various social media platforms, the idea is to use the short to raise financing for a feature that will have a real budget and there will be paid positions to everyone involved…I know this is a long shot but it is a chance to see your work in a film that otherwise couldn’t be realized without a creature!
Thanks, Brian Brookshire

Could you tell more about the creature itself? At least some basic description would be required before being able to decide on whether to join or not. For example is it humanoid? Does it have multiple limbs or no limbs at all? Is it invertebrate or vertebrate? What kind of look does it have? Cute, weird, creepy, etc.? Does it have hair, bare skin or scales? Since different artists specialize in different areas such information is required. Especially when it is about really detailed characters.

This is just for reference as a starting point for the creature!

I see. This kind of creature is too different from what I usually make-which is why I would still need more practice before being able to make something like this. Therefore I would not be able to help you with your project.

Thanks for your interest, as I said this is just reference and not what I actually expect…but it should be for example not humanoid in anyway!

Hi,for any one to be able to create this you need to have a full description of the character. Is going to be scaring humans? is he the main character? is he a good caring protecting humans? is he a land, sea creature or both? is he the antagonist or protagonist? Before anyone will even attempt to model this creature you going to have an concept artist to create it for the reference.
And BTW if you posting an artists ref work you need to credit him or and the website. good luck with your short.

I am looking for a 3D Artist that already has a Creature modeled and rigged that wants to see it used in a short film…I’m not expecting someone to start this from scratch for no paid compensation.

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That wasn’t clear from your initial post. The chances of someone having a ready rigged creature to fit your film are slim. but i hope you find someone, good luck.

There are some free models on line:link

the creature looks extremely hard to rig my dude.