Rigged Drumset + Short Animation

Edit: Animation:

I’ve been working on this on and off for some time. I decided to rig the foot pedal, with no purpose other than learning how to use drivers and that stuff. That took some time but i’m happy with the results and I did learn some things. I stilll have to model the cymbals, holders, snare drum’s support, and the stool. I want to try and rig everything that is riggable. Right now im working on the floor tom’s rig. I might also remodel the rims, since i’m not very happy with their style. Here are some stills and a couple of videos of the foot pedal rig.



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This is great! Love how you did the rigging - very good job :slight_smile:

This looks very realistic, you even simulated the bouncing of the pedal!
Great job!

Lovely realistic work i love everything abt them nice work.

Nice job on the bass drum rig.

Nice work! As a drummer I am certainly impressed with the modelling realism. Which kit are you modelling? My guess is Pearl Reference or Masterworks.

Bravo! Encore! Encore! :slight_smile:

I am a drummer too! In fact, I made a kit too! Really nice detailed work :wink:

Thanks all for your comments!!

@sdighe: actually, im not going for any particular model but rather im using multiple images (looking up each piece im working on in google images) and my own cheap generic kit as references, looking for what i like best for each thing while trying to keep a coherent style. That said, your guess was good since a Pearl Reference was a particularly important reference, along with a Pearl Export.

Rigged the floor tom. Heres a video demonstrating how it works. Next step: modelling and rigging cymbal stands and cymbals.

I haven’t had much time to work on this, but i managed to finish the rig and started texturing. Actually, the hi-hat rig is a little buggy/incomplete, but i don’t feel like spending more time on that right now. Heres a video review on the whole rig.

Very nice modeling and rigging!

Wow, nice work man!

Thanks a lot for your comments!
After another couple of weeks of stand by im now shading and texturing. Still not completely convinced with the cymbals shaders. I will also redo the “wood” texture and then add “signs of use” to everything.

[Traduce](http://www.wordreference.com/es/translation.asp?tranword=convinced #articleHead)


great model. I think the cymbal textures are really good.
(edit) the beater head on your foot pedal is backwards.

Looking great! The shaders are very nice!

I love the rigging, its amazing! The modeling seems flawless. As a drummer the first thing I noticed was the skin textures looked a bit off.
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The stick marks should be a bit more brown and a bit larger. But I love the hammered shader.

Wow, loving this.

That’s kind of a crazy project.
Very impressive rigging. seems flowless.

And very nice model indeed.

Whoa… really great job on everything…except one thing… where’s the giant gong? :slight_smile: