Rigged mesh pass-through

I am adding a shirt to a posed figure. The shirt is rigged with the figure’s armature and it adopts the pose.

However, parts of the shirt pass through the other parts (elbow, underarm) and no amount of weight painting seems to be able to stop this.

These pass-throughs are hidden inside of the mesh, but after I apply the armature and then make the shirt into cloth for draping on the figure, these pass-through areas cause serious problems and the cloth cannot drape in a natural way.

Since the problems are on the inside, even working in wireframe it is very difficult to edit the vertices and repair all the passthroughs. Of course, once I get to the cloth draping, I can set “self-collision”, but it doesn’t seem able to correct the pass-throughs that have already occurred. I wish there was a self-collison setting for the posing itself. That would be nice for the figure also – it has the same problems.

Can anyone suggest a different procedure or a workaround to avoid or fix this problem. Thanks for any suggestions.


Why not remove the parts of the body mesh that are always hidden by the cloth?

Would that prevent the pass-through in the cloth? As a poly-count issue, it would make sense to do that, but only after the draping of the cloth, since the cloth needs the body to drape onto.

And is there a way to prevent pass-through when posing?

Hi John,

I can’t really answer your new questions. If you look at the SinTel main character (available online; just do a Google) you’ll see that the parts of the body not seen are removed. As for draping, hopefully someone else can jump in. Sounds like a GE question to me.


  1. Change materials underneath clothing to a transparent, no shadows casting, material. This way, if they do poke through, they will be hidden
  2. (this gets buggy but sometimes works) add a shrinkwrap modifier above the cloth modifier but below the armature. Make sure "keep above surface " is checked, and give a healthy tolerance between the cloth and skin
  3. Now you can run the cloth sim. The shrinkwrap “should” prevent the cloth from going inside the skin.