Rigged object does not rotate correctly

Made in Blender 3.0

I am making a rig for Bender’s face from Futurama. I have set up the eyes as three objects: Eye, Eyelid and Pupil. Each object has their own bone. The left eyelid keeps rotating around another axis and I don’t know why. The eyelid bone on the right eye rotates the way it should, keeping the original location correct, only changing the rotation. Should I rig it again and see if that helps or is it easily fixable? Blend File Attached Under Video

Bender.blend (3.0 MB)

Made in Blender 3.0

Check your mesh origin. You have the left set to the right origin. That is where it is rotating.

I did that and this is what happened.

I also checked bone transformations to see if that made a difference but it didn’t.

You have a couple of issues. The origin or pivot point of the lid not in the center of the object. It looks like you duplicated the verts then move then in edit mode thus the origin was still with the other eyelid object. It also looks like your bone is not rotating around its center either. You also have a shapekey on the eyelid which is moving the lid. If the other eye is functioning as intended just duplicate it and the thing its controller and move them in object mode, not edit mode. If neither eye is functioning properly you need to change the bones from pose position to rest position. Then line up all of your bones and objects properly. You also need to apply scales and rotations with ctrl A. Hope that helps