riggie & rigo Update

I think I would go for the blue light !
RAT and his Mouse-Trap
. Animation in Progress.
More about this Project Here

Ratatouille mousy like :eek: ups !


why should I want to killed this cute mouse?:frowning:

Great model, it seems like a very nice combination of 3D models…

Good Luck:)

  • Needs clavicle (shoulder area with ability to adjust so arm comes out at good angles)
  • Painted on fur is really uglifying this guy - use Falgor’s technique.

I downloaded the PDF file tutorial…I think is very good…unfortunately he uses Blender 2.5 for that…no official release yet… I will keep it in mind for next hair-fur models!

About the clavicle…well it has clavicle to locate the shoulder wherever you want, the shots
were mainly taken from the rest position … But thanks for remarking it anyways !:smiley:

Meaning you didn’t actually read the tutorial. That tutorial is kinda of old I have seen it before and read it. It was written when 2.46 was still been developed for Peach ( Big Buck Bunny) in other words you can do what is written about in that tutorial since 2.46. :wink:

Great then, I saw the title in the main page and textually says: Hair with Jakra particles Blender 2.5, then the screen shots did not look familiar to me ( may be to old?)…I though it was kind the new Blender. Anyways I would be interested in fur, this one points out hair-combing…I know everything is possible from there…but something more straight forward?:spin:

hey thanks…rats need to be killed…well only animation tradition !

I think it depends what mood you want to create…what mood the scene is in?

well I guess a bit of suspense but a bit funny

Hey blenderguy,

the model looks pretty good - for my taste the upper arms are too big (looks like a mousy bodybuilder :))

and +1 on Karma for saying “Ratatouille-like mouse” to avoid fights with some members :smiley:

Greetings, Robert

As someone has stated, you should at least read through a tutorial someone offers before disregarding the material. I noticed something your texture was lacking, I have seen a lot of tutorials for the kind of area concerned, and that’s the one I’d most recommend out of all of them. If you want “something simpler”, you could get other people to make models for your animations (in Production we have different artists in charge of modeling, animation texturing etc).

I don’t think you know what a clavicle rig is. Currently your arm rotates from the shoulder joint. This is fine but it makes an awkward bend like the one you have with arm raised; see how the shoulder crunches? This can be a very difficult area for any rig, especially fat or muscular characters… a key solution is not having the rig extend straight from spine to shoulder joint, but have an extra break in this bone about two thirds of the way from the spine to the shoulder. When the arm rotates, it bend from the shoulder, but shrug movement are done with a rotation pivot slightly further in. This clavicle joint is adjusted to fix broken shoulder bends like your character is suffering from.

Well I think I know what you are talking about, what you said is correct…and I have it implemented ( Shoulders…shoulders locators ).
My arms do not come straight from the spine !

Here are two shots showing the bones for controlling shoulders independently. The GIFs shots were taken quickly without much posing care.

About the skin texture definitely it could be a lot better !..kind of Big Bunny fur would be ideal !.. however I just said that the tutorial pointed is mostly aimed for a hair cut with long hair. I am not disregarding the material before reading it, I did but it is not of my taste for making the fur. (Personal opinion may be)

thanks for your comments.


Right… I can see the shoulder… but where is the clavicle joint?

EDIT: I would post a screenshot not to cut to the chase and show you what I’m on about… though I really have to dash off in a hurry. Perhaps if I have time later… in the meantime, if you can show me you have separate shoulder and clavicle controllers, that couls also shortcut the process.

Also - hair and fur… both are the same just with different amounts of push. Someone else has a rat project at the moment and they are making very nice fur with the particle method.

uhmmm interesting…I am kind of lost now. I thought you meant shoulders and shoulder’s locator or some similar rig structure. It would be interesting to see exactly how your rig idea is about. I will post a screen shot of my rig , so you can see it. Right now i am in someone else house, tomorrow I will update the thread.

About the fur, well I will try to play some with it to see if I could get something like BIG BUNNY ! What about rendering times? I have two rats in my scene…

Thanks for your comments.

The strand renderer is fast, but it oinly supports shadow buffer shadows, raytraced particles are a lot slower but support ray traced shadows etc.

Okay, I am back.

Here’s what I mean by clavicle rig. Often this bone is shaped like a shoulder blade controller. After moving the arm from the shoulder, you roll the clavicle so the shoulder maintains the correct shape. Also the correct joint to shrug from (shoulder lift). It simulates something of a collar bone.


Hi Lancer thanks for posting your idea. Look I am not a Blender Guru neither an Artist, however I will post my analysis based on my experience in modeling and rigging many different shape of characters, and there is still much to learn.

I bought the DVD FAQ MAncandy, Tony Mullen’s ICA, Essential Blender among others, and the rig you posted is totally right for characters with enough shoulder definition as such. In Mancandy when the “clavicle Joint” moves it moves the shoulder Mesh area making it look perfect. Now if you notice, my rat has not shoulders as such, so a clavicle Joint (according to my past tests) will cause an strange deformation of the actual mesh on that area because there is not shoulder. Everything is possible and maybe some of you can make it to work in that way.

In my case I have the fact that every mesh should be rigged slightly different depending on physical shape. If you saw my Hulk model, I implemented something like Mancandy with two more extra bones constrained to bicep…and still no perfect if he tries to lift his arms full straight up, no totally bad but you can feel something weird going on.

My Rat has a similar structure as you posted, allowing me to place the bicep at any angle and a shoulder bone that corrects a bit the bending area (shoulder). This bone is parented but disconnected from an extruded bone from the spine…similar to mancandy…similar to your clavicle system.

I think my model is far from prefect as everything in life, however I think what lead to confusion was my first screenshots where I was careless about the shoulder’s position.

Fur well…I will play a bit more with that. To confess I have tried it before and always gotten weird results…I always said: if it does not look like BIG BUNNY then operation ABORTED ! My mistake, I should put some more hours of practice into fur development…but…the UV-painted does not look thaaaaaatttt baaaaaadd for a quick short…I have not pupil’s artist maybe.

Thanks for your comments !


Yes there are no absolutes in rigging; make each rig to suit your needs.

That may be what it comes down to. I saw the shoulders collapse in the upheld arms of the first (animated) image and thought “I think I know what might fix that”.

The fur should not take so long except the first time you try it, and much of that time being in the alpha blend which gives the hair an alpha blend for nice fade-to-nothing strands (optional). It’s a very fast method once you know it. One catch though: make sure you light particle hair with shadow casting lights or it can look flat / clumpy. Again I would upload a sample but I have to rush.

Good luck.

Thanks Lancer for your help. Actually I now have the enthusiasm to make other attempt in fur creation. I will probably make it with an simple oval doll shape to practice. I’ll keep in mind the technical tips you pointed out. I might ask you later if I get into difficulties regarding this fur mater. If you can post whenever you have time of what you want to show, it would be very helpful.