Riggify: Generate errors

Greetings. Recently started more complex rigging (Humans) and immediately stuck with error after Generate button. Every part is applied (armature deform), weight colored.

Misc . info: On top right corner of the screen showed “Reload trusted” and “Ignore”, made both choices and none work, unfortunately; tried with other models had the same problem; link for my pc specs if needed.
http://www.pasteall.org/53183 - specs

Thank you, but unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem with the rig (the error above disappeared though).

When you setup the metarig, did you move it before you edited it? If so, you need to freeze the transforms, otherwise the rig will be created with the initial transforms. In other words, yours will be ignored.

After setting it up, I immediately ran metarig in edit mode to scale it to the right size.

With various experiments managed to see the rig (with “spheres”) fit mesh precisely, but that rig itself doesn’t move the mesh…
If there is full guide for rigging please post the link

Thank you everyone for help and hints, found detailed explanation about rigging and solved my issue