Riggify wont work

I made a rig for my model and tried to parent it and use the generate rig option but none of that worked. I would really appreciate some help so I can finally rig the models I’ve made.

(Had to upload my model here since it was too big for the forums)

Your model topology won’t work using automatic weights for parenting. If you add your 3d print toolbox in preferences and then use your check all you will see you have over 8,000 intersecting faces among other issues. Automatic weights will not work with this type of topology. You can either weight paint manually, try using envelope weights and adjust your bone weights in the rig by hand, or retopo the model. Your workflow to use envelope weights should be to clear your parent, delete your armature modifier, regenerate your rig and reparent using envelope weights and then weight paint using the deform bones in rigify if you want to try envelope weights. You will need to read up on envelope weights and do the workflow a lot. Or you can manually weight paint. Or, best option would be to retopo your model with clean topology.

Sometimes you can scale up but you won’t be able to use that with this model as it is. If you are going to fix your model you might want to center it and your armature at the world origin as well rather than where you positioned it.

You want quads and no non manifold or intersecting faces and edges. With clean topology you can use rigify.

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