Riggin a character with Second Life Skeleton, help!

Hello guys, I’m trying to rig my avatar I built in Maya inside blender. I’d like to see the difference in weight painting with blender vs Maya in SL. My problem is every time I edit vertex groups taking weights off the face completely for the left and right eyes. It removes the weight but the face still moves with the eyes bones. It’s as if it’s parented to the bone. Now I would just parent my eyes to my bones and separate my mesh parts but SL won’t let you. You have to have eyes, teeth, gums and tongue all as one solid mesh piece and paint full weights only in parts you want to move with a certain bone. I got this to work in Maya so I try in blender to give eyes full weight of 1 and just remove the extra weight created on the face from automatic weights.

For some reason it keeps moving the face parts with that bone. It seems as if it’s not paying attention to the weights only and also moving my mesh as if it’s parented to the bone which it’s not.

Here is picture below to show you what I mean.
In this picture I have just used automatic weights.

In here I have went to vertex groups to the right selected the left and right eyes and used control + in edit mode to quickly select all vertexes I don’t want affected and removing all weights, leaving just the eyes with weight full weight of 1

here I went to pose mode to test this and it’s still grab the face with the eye bone but I can’t find any weight influence any where on the rest of the vertex groups. It seems as if its not the weight but the bone interacting with the face, should it do this? If so what am I doing wrong? lol I’m going nuts and have tried many ways. I really hate SL rig and it’s way of doing this.:no: Anyway bare with my frustrations it’s been many hours and I have had no sleep. Thanks to anyone who might be able to help me.

Looks like you have stray weighting in there someplace. Give this a try: Select the right eye vertex group, then in edit mode in the 3d view, select all vertices (a-key) and in the vertex group panel, hit the ‘remove’ button. Now in the 3d view, select any vertex of the eye, ctrl-l to select all linked vertices, and in the vertex group panel, select ‘assign’.

Very odd looking rig with the eye bone setup…


Thanks Randy I’m going to try this soon. Yes I hate this rig by the way it’s made for SL so I have to use this or when I upload a character it doesn’t see my weights etc. Hopefully in future they change the rig for it lol.

Ok so I figured out my problem. It’s actually the bone some how also creating influence despite taking off all weights and only putting it in the eye. When I first opened this bizarre rig the eyes were disconnected from the head bone. I decided to disconnect them again and put them inside the eyes in pictures below. Now it moves just the eyes along side with weights put on eyes only.

Also for this SL rig I connected the legs though to the pelvis otherwise it does some very weird movement. The rig is almost unusable it seems but inside of SL the viewer knows how to use it from my past experiences. Anyway hope this helps anyone else cause this is very confusing lol.

Ah never mind I was wrong it’s actually bone envelopes. I had to go and click my mesh after I used automatic weights. Then go to modifiers and uncheck bone envelopes and then only my weights influence the character mesh and not two things.:cool: