riggin a tentacle....

I’m working on a model which has tentacles on it. i would like to be able to pose the tentacles by grabbing the end and dragging it into position while the rest follows in a smooth curve. I can’t seen to find any tuts to do something like this. I just need guidance to get started in the right direction. so far, if i extrude a number of bones and grab the last one, only that one rotates. the other don’t follow along with it. it’s probably something simple, but I can’t figure it out.
using blender 2.48

You need to have an IK chain for that, the other bones will follow the last one.
Check here end there for more informations.

Thanks bupla! that worked great. I wish all problems in blender were that easy to comprehend…LOL

Hi. I’m hoping with your experiments with rigging a tentacle you’ll be able to help me. I’ve trawled the forums for hours and found nothing that seems to match my seemingly unique but very simple problem.

I’m trying to rig a character with a lot of bones in the tail. My IK chains throughout the rest of the body seem to work exactly as I want them to, but the tail just doesn’t seem to want to co-operate.

The IK chain works fine, up to a length of about 45 bones, but I’d like it to go up to 72. After 45 bones, all movement suddenly seems to be limited, and nothing will move along the X axis, and only to sporadic positioning along the Z. There’s no difference between bone 45 and bone 46 as far as I can tell, so where am I going wrong?

Any ideas?


i have had a similar problem with rigging long flexible meshes… from what i can gather you need to use a more flexible rig. there are several options


the one that looks like it would work best is the “bones on a curve” method… i couldn’t quite figure out what i was supposed to do… the tutorial is … well lets just say, it seems like it was written in 15 minutes


but it does appear that it could yield the best results/

of course… again… i couldn’t really figure it out, so i just didn’t bother finishing what i was making :P. i figured i would learn other things and come back to it eventually.