Riggin for a pirouette?

I plan on using rigify for a ballerina model that will be doing a pirouette. When the model turns around, I want it to turn on it’s toe as the center of rotation. I can put in another bone (pirouette) to use as the turning pivot and then put a child of constraint on the master bone and when the pirouette bone rotates, it works. My question is, what are other alternatives that can be used to change the pivot point because this pirouette bone just dangles around without any parent? Or does it matter?

I have tried using cursor pivot point, but can not figure out how to keep it when it is keyframed. The bones go back to their own pivot point.

Leave this with me for a day or so - I will do some experimenting. You cannot pivot about the 3D cursor and keyframe it - you can however add an empty at the pivot point - parent the armature to this empty and then pivot the empty, that’s the easiest way to do it.

Having a “spin-centre” bone hanging in mid air is not normally a problem, you can in fact make this the root bone and pivot about that as an alternative. Please post an image of what you are trying to achieve and a picture of your rig, or post a blend file - it makes helping you that much easier!

Cheers, Clock.

Thanks clock. Here is the blend file with another model.


It is a standard rigify with a pirouette bone added and some facial bones.

Two actions. One turning on toe. One turning on finger. This will work, but if there is a better solution, I’d like to try it. I hate having a bunch of loose bones running around.