Rigging a 9k+ poly model problems...


So I have this problem where the Blender 2.6something latest release is not doing what I want it to do.

That I want to rig using this testrig here:

Now the problem is when I rig the model with this rig, I get this problem:

I use envelope distort, preserve volume and set parent to armature using automatic weights.

What am I woing wrong here, please help me, I am new to this… :confused:

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This is what the character looks like unrigged:

But, when I use a simple low poly mesh as a model to decide if the rig was bad or not, I get this:

Which is the desired result.

So what is going on here? Please help me~ As mentioned, I am new to this… :confused: Whine whine

Do you have an example .blend? post the low poly one and we can check it out, help solve you problem

Hmm, it does not seem I can attach .blend-files to my post.

I might try vertex painting to see if I get a better result.