Rigging a bicycle...

okay, ive made this model, for a game i want to make


right, so
how do i rig this model, so that the fork will compress and the rear spring will compress when it touches something?


Definetly shouldn’t use armatures for something like that. Might as well make each thing you want to move a seperate object, it’s faster and easier to manage.


well how should the parenting structure be then?

Skeletor, parent the fork/handlebars to the frame, and the wheel to the fork. In the back, parent the wheel to the frame. Make sure all your object centers are centered before you do this.

k, but now how do i get it so that like, when i rot the rear end (it pivots correctly, and the wheel follows) how do i um… get the spring to ‘compress’?

read the chapter in the new manual called ‘rigging mechanics’


as u can see i figured it out, before reading the book! oh skillz!! lol

how do i get the shock to bottom out? or stop compressing?

going to look in the manual, but if uve got an answer, please tell me

I’m no game engine expert but i think you make an action for it in the action window or the NLA window, and then make an actuator for that action,…? I suspect one of these gameblender people can provide you with a better explanation.

hey guys, there doesnt happen to be a way to have the shocks compress when i move the empty that the bike is parented to, towards the ground, is there? id like to be able to move the empty towards the ground, and have the shocks compress as the wheels touch the ground… do i have to wait for 2.33, or just never get it…?

Well I also don’t know how exactly you could do that, but here comes some help. Well first add an empty at the end of the forwheel and backwheel. Then set the logic bricks like, when the empty hits a object or rap with a property called, compress or else, let it make a animation that the stear compresses into the cilinder for just a few seconds using a timer property and animation property. Afther 1,5 seconds, it decompresses and goes back in normal shape. When you jump and collision the object, ground or ramp again, let it make the same action. Well don’t animated the wheel but animate the whole bike going forwards down.

It’s hard to explain the whole settup, but you can do it with collision, timer, properties and animation. No python needed. :smiley: