Rigging (a boot) - Hard Surfaces and Soft Surfaces

Hi all,

I’m getting towards the final stages of a project. I’m currently getting my characters Boots rigged for the final pose.

I’m using the Mesh Deform, which has worked well enough. It doesn’t have to be completely perfect, as I will fix some smaller things in post.

My boot has soft surfaces, which deform - but also hard surfaces, which don’t. I’m wondering what the best way is to control these hard surfaces with the rig, to avoid intersecting meshes etc…

Some pics:

So you can see, specifically in the second image, that I’ve got a hard surface going through my mesh. The hard surfaces are currently parented to the Leg CTRL bone. No weight paint. My idea atm is just to make a new bone, which I’ll parent the hard surfaces too, which’ll allow me to independently rotate and move, to help align it all.

Is that the best way to do it do you think? I’m not the best when it comes to rigging, it’s one of the things in Blender I’ve never quite got to grips with.

Realistically, the boot would be limited in its deformation by the hard surface to some degree, but I’m willing to ignore that for a more simple solution.

Any ideas appreciated. Thanks!

You could use a additinal bone for the hard surface parts parented to shin bone and weight all the hardsurface to 1 on that bone. if your ankle rotation starts to intersect with the hard surface you could setup a driver that moves the hard surface bone out of the way accordingly.

One thing to try is to weight it to the bones you want it to move with, then select the vert that is positioned the best and copy all the vert weights on that piece from that vert. So it moves, but moves without bending itself. Good for buttons and such, with bigger things might cause unacceptable clipping.