Rigging a Cartoon Hound (quadruped), Gromit

Hi Guys,

I feel like I was highjacking someone else’s question regarding rigging, so here’s my post on the subject.

I trying to rig Gromit, (Aardman fame) - I’m having a few issues as I’m pretty new to rigging. I thought this would have been a good starting project after playing with bipeds a little.

I’m only really concerned with rigging him for basics, like a walk cycle etc. I don’t intend for him to be on two legs as I imagine I’ll have to do a different rig for that and probably adjust the topology.


I have the rig sorted for the eyes (not in the file) and I’m assuming that the other deforming bones should work well enough, especially when I’ve IK’d the tail and ears.

It’s the legs I’m having issues with, The IK on the front leg seems to be coming along grand, in my blend I still have to sort the Pole Targets. The rear legs seem to be going a bit nuts when I pose them, it only takes a slight movement and they’re all over the place. I thought I should see what the issue is with them first before I finish the Pole Targets.

Any help would be appreciated, and suggestions in user friendly speak if I’m on the right track with everything else :slight_smile:

Cheers, Jay.

The back legs are going crazy because the IK target is a child of the chain that it is trying to control. I.e. Your IK target is a child of the lower leg bone. On the front legs there are two bones that are placed on top of each other. One bone is the IK target and it not a direct child, the other bone is the deform bone for the paw.

Darn I missed that one Kastoria, I’ll fix that then stick in the pole targets and see if the legs move better :wink:

One thing to remember is that the IK chains are trying to solve to the head of the IK target. As you have it setup, the IK target’s tail does not affect the chain at all. This means that you don’t have to have the IK target stacked on top of the deform bone for the paw. I like to make the IK target stick out the back of the foot. That way it is much easier to select and you can visually see that there are two bones there without a lot of confused clicking.

Cheers kastoria, it’s so easy to miss little details, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing :wink:

The rigs working now, phew! and I’ve added the lovely Pole Targets. While I’m here how do you stop the foot going through the floor? Is it easy to do?

Edit: More specifically when you move the main bone down - at present the paw and toes dip below the floor.

Emended link:


So you want the feet to stay flat on the floor if you drag one of the body bones down so that Gromit crouches?

You need to change the parenting of the toe bones and remove the inherited rotation from the shin bone.

  1. The parent chain should go: shin->center paw pad bone-> all the toes.
  • Right now all your toes and the center paw-pad bone are all children of the shin bone.
  1. Turn off “inherit rotation” on all the toes + the paw-pad bone.

Thanks kastoria, That wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be :smiley:

With the alterations, here’s what I have so far:

I’ll probably be back when I get stuck again lol!

Rigging is such a dark art, I’m looking forward to getting my head around it :wink: