Rigging a Chain, for Animation [Help?]

Im still quite new to blender so sorry if this has some really easy solution,
So my issue is i’m trying to make a rustic metal chain, I have modelled a single link of the chain, added the textures etc,
however I now wish to rig it so I am able to move my chain bend it etc. Originally I thought I would just be able to duplicate the chain link rotate/translate to be positioned in the next link section then just set a constraint to a Bezier or Nurds Curve.
However this appears to not work :confused: I have also looked at the “chain” add on, however I do not wish my links to bend like those do in the add on I wish for the links to remain “solid”. Is this possible? Sorry if I haven’t described it very well, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also should I create the normal map for an object before or after rigging it?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

P.S i’ve looked around but cant find any tutorials on this sort of thing, so if anyone knows a good one they can link me too that would be awesome! Thanks again!

I think this is the one I used and that it uses an array along a curve:

Havn’t watched the tut yet, however I had a quick play around and thats exactly it! Thanks so much for your help!

(p.s sorry for late reply been on a holiday)