Rigging a character divided in various objects


I’m begginer in this forum and in rigging too. I just modeled this character wich is divided in at least six parts as different objects. I found a problem with overlapping UVs when tried to join each of them, so I think it will be much better keep as divided and try to rig anyway.

Do you know the best manner to do this? Can you recomend me a good tutorial? Thanks a lot.



  1. Align and join them anyway, nevermind the UVs for now.
  2. Rig the model using the standard metarig/Armature procedure (I assume you know how to do that).
  3. Once the model is properly rigged and weight-painted (do a few test animations to test this), you can once again separate the parts based on seams. If there are no seams, do a “Generate seams from islands” in the UV editor.
  4. Now every individual part is rigged in perfect unison with all the other parts (because you rigged them together) whilst being separate objects with their own UVs. This is the beautiful thing about Blender, being able to separate parts of mesh easily like that with them retaining their Armature and various other modifiers.