Rigging a character with multiple objects and a lot of mane

Hi, I am having some problems rigging my character he has multiple sparate objects:


So I would like to rig him but also rig his mane too. I have a basic armature going on however I need advice on how to go about applying it to mesh. Can I have so many separate objects? Do you suggest that I join them all? The problem is that for example: the mane just goes into his head, it is not really attached, would this be a problem when I join it all together and attempt to rig him?

Thank you!

Cute character!

I’m no rigging expert, but as a general rule I try to keep as many parts of a character in the same object as I can. This helps with scene organization, and with keeping things from accidentally getting moved or changed. So I would join all the parts of your lion into one object, then use vertex groups to help keep things organized and easily selected.

The mane should be fine as it is. It would only need to be attached to the head if you wanted to move the mane and have part of the head deform too. Just give it some bones that aren’t directly attached to the main rig and it should be ready to go. You could also consider animating the mane with blend shapes, if you know it only needs to do something like bounce up and down with the lion’s walk.

By the way, if you want your lion to be able to pick up things, don’t forget to give his fingers an extra joint. Also, it helps to have a hand/palm bone before the finger bones, so you can move the whole hand easily.

Thank you!! I will do that :slight_smile: