Rigging a Cube in 2.6

I want to rig a cube character that rotates from all it’s corners and provides a way to squash and stretch and morph to emote things.

Here’s what I’ve rigged up so far.

The one on the right is from this Blender Cookie tutorial about rigging up a squash and stretch ball. http://cgcookie.com/blender/2010/09/29/creating-a-bouncing-ball-rig/

The one on the left has one master handle at the center and two handles to animate warp.

The one in the middle demonstrates how i want to be able to rotate and move the cube, but I want to be able to do it on all sides. How can I do that?

If anyone has an alternative method to rig a cube in the best way to where it could be animated as a little cube character I’d love to hear it.

I’ve attached the blend file if you want to see what I have so far.Cube01.blend (779 KB)

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Hey Chris… yes… even though the Blender cookie Rigg is cool and all and a nice exercise in learning how to use Armatures… I would not recomend it for something like a bouncing Ball (or cube) much easier way is first…

Use a Lattice…

Add a cube…
Add a Lattice…
Resize the Lattice such that it encloses the cube > Goto the Cube > Modifiers > Lattice > and under object select the Lattice (witch is currently named “Lattice”)

Go back tot the Lattice > tab into edit mode > and move the Lattice around and note how it deforms the cube…

Leave the Lattice in a deformed state and now go back to the cube… in object mode rotate the cube… note the deformation…

be sure to subdivide your cube down some to make it more ‘cartoony’ looking

Also note that the lattice can be ‘subdivided’ down some more via… select the Lattice > Proprieties > Lattice (the Lattice Icon) and increase the U, V, W counts…

Add a Plane… Parent the Cube and the Lattice to the Plane… and use the Plane as the ‘mover’ … The Cube as the Rotator… the Lattice as the Deformer…

It’s a little bit of a pain to have to tab into edit mode every time to move the Lattice around so Add some objects to control the the Lattice with from object mode and set them to ‘wire’ in the Properties panel… (Properties > Object > Display > change Textured to Wire… and turn on X-ray while your there… Parent these controller objects to the ‘mover’ plane…
Name one object “Top Deformer” the other one ''Bottom Deformer" >
In object mode > select Top Deformer > shift select the Lattice (so that the Lattice was selected last) Tab into edit mode… Select all the upper points on the Lattice > Hit Ctrl+H (Hook command) pick “to selected object” >
Tab into Object mode and now that object controls those upper points of the object…
Repeat the Bottom Deformer

Note that the Lattice now has two 'Hook modifiers" in it’s modifiers list…

Here’s a blender file…


Pay attention to what I did on the Vertex groups and the Hooks modifiers on the Lattice

Have fund dude!

Norvman :slight_smile: Lattice is a good option. Never figured out how to use the hooks before, thanks.

What about being able to pivot from all the corners of the cube.

Could it be rigged to do that? Or would one have to animate rotation from the center and set offset keys to make it look right.

The only way I can think to do it is to setup empties as you go in a parenting line each previous empty parented to the new. Would be limiting and confusing though.

I think I might have miss understood… is all your wanting to do is animate the position of the pivot point?

I want to be able to pivot from all corners of the cube

Like the cube above, but to be able to do it from all corners.

to pivot it from each corner is not easy to rig
and I would go as far to say, it’s impossible as there would need to be a complex child/parent relationship
you can do it for 2 points (maybe 3) but not 8 points

what you can do is animate in by rotation around the cursor - with the cursor at the corner you want to pivot around

@waylow… I was thinking there was a tutorial somewhere that discribed how to move the pivot point of an object in animation… but I"m not finding it… I’m not even sure how you would ‘key’ moving the pivot point… (even though I was thinking that was an easy thing to do…) Anyone know how to do that?

if you are referring to the “centroid” as the pivot point (the pink dot)
you cannot key this

but you can pivot from the cursor by pressing the period key “.”

Thanks!.. I also see there is a way to use a “Pivot Constraint By using an Empty”… going to try these out and see what happens…

here’s an interesting video on Rolling a Cube…

If you want to do something like this:

You just need to do this:

I tried this and it kinda sorta works in principal but there is a problem. In the attached blend I have a cube that has 2 empties (LEmpty and REmpty) that are vertex parented to opposite vertices of the cube. There is another empty (Pivot) that the cube uses as a pivot constraint. The pivot empty has 2 copy location restraints to the other 2 empties. You can change the influence of the copy location constraints to move the pivot from one corner to the other. If you do this and then rotate the cube the cube rotates around the appropriate pivot point. The only problem is that as the cube rotates the, say around REmpty, the other empty LEmpty does not follow the rotation of the cube even though it is vertex parented to it. However, if you select this empty and just press G it will move to the appropriate place. I don’t know whether this is normal behaviour or a bug.
pivot point anim.blend (455 KB)

Yah… I found the Pivot Constraint to not really do what would be expected… that’s why I posted the tutorial link (see my last post) on using the bones for a cube roll that might solve problem… haven’t had time mess with it to see if I could get the corners to roll though…

Just wanted to update… there’s a good Rigg tutorial that might help with all this here…