Rigging a Door With Handle


Sorry this is my first post and i am literaly about to eat my monitor with rage!

All im trying to do is create a door with a handle, The handle will turn and the door will open… simple yeah!?

No, not for me. The Door (using an armature) opens fine. No problem. The handle turns toom east peasy. The problem is a icant get the handle to stay with the door!. At the moment they are two seperate meshes/objects with there own armatures. When i created It as one object (using ctrl+J to join them) they worked fine individualy but when the door opened it took the handle but left the armature behind!

I bet this is so simple and im just missing something.

Thanks in advance and Hello!


Im not sure if this would work but, you could try parenting the door handle armature to the door armature?

Try this. Join the two meshes, then make vertex groups, then parent my rig to the mesh. voila.


Door Rig.blend (125 KB)

Thats amazing! Thanks so much! The door handle turns down (not a nob but a hande) But i have just extruded the armature again back on itself and it works! Your amazing, Thanks so much!

Which one of us…?

haha you mate (rvngizswt) I so didnt even think of doing it like that! Thank so much for putting in the time to make the rig etc. Cheers buddy!

Thanks to gamer tamer too! Sorry i got a bit over excited and forgot to say thanks to you to :slight_smile:

ahaha its fine dw :slight_smile: