Rigging a female model

Hello! I have a female character model (consisting of one mesh and total of around 380.000 vertices) which I need to get rigged. I have already added Rigify metarig. Model and metarig are created in Blender 2.80 but if there’s still any chance to swap it to work with 2.79b, that would be great since I’m more familiar with older 2.79b. But that’s optional.

I already tried rigging with automatic weights but vertice groups were not correctly formed for some reason (when moving foot upwards, some vertices were left to floor, etc). Also I have had really hard times with weight painting so that would be your job too.

Included metarig has facial bones too but they can be left out if it makes it easier.

I know vertices amount is quite heavy but that is needed for my purposes.

I’m willing to pay $150 for decent work (Paypal payment, please).

Send an email to [email protected]

Please always add the #nsfw tag when you show nudity.

Thanks for tip. My mistake, noobie is a noobie. Sorry :slight_smile:

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HI, Email sent thank you.

Please check your email sir, I have sent you a message.

Happy to help. Also sent you an email.

Hello @jonecky

I can surely assist you with your requirement

It would be great if we have a discussion over skype: noah_3861 or email me at [email protected]


Hello, we will provide u the rig
our price $110
it will be based ue4 Skeleton
Contact via mail - [email protected]
Discord - Artist#6715

Hello. I just sent to you mail

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