Rigging a flexicube

Hi all,

I just got started with Blender. :yes:

I got involved with a project for which I have to design a frame that folds like a flexicube.

The picture underneath and this Youtube video shows what a flexicube is.

Is there any possibility to make a rigged flexicube within Blender without getting trouble with parent loops? (because of the multiple turning points and relations per object)

I’ve made a basic model of the project and tried to rig it, but I’m not able to parent all turning points because of the mentioned parent loops.
Underneath is a screenshot of the rigged basic model so far. You can download the project here.

I’m really hoping you guys can help me out on this…

take a look at this tutorial… it’ might give you some more ideas…

And this one is very much like it…

wrong post…

Thank you very much for your replies! It helped me to use the different approach of changing pivot points instead of making it all work with bones.
If finally got it managed now!

If you’re intersted, this is the end result:

naaaa I don’t think you understood…

here is burning man


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