Rigging a foot

Hi, I am trying to do tha Rigging & Skinning tutorial in The Essential Blender. It says select the foot_L bone & Shift-RMB the leg.control bone. Then press Ctrl-P to make the leg controller the parent of the foot bone. Then a menu pops up asking Connected or Keep Offset, then choose Keep Offset. Do the same with the Toe_L, then do the same to the Right Foot.
When I click on to the right foot / the leg controller the menu has only Connected to choose from which breaks the link on the left foot. I have tried this several times & get the same result. Can anyone please help me out with this. Thanks Mac

Look for the Mancandy Faq video about legs and feet. Here are two links I´ve found, just look for the legs tutorials. You can also buy the Mancandy faq DVD at the blender w-shop.



Thanks for the tip, I will give it one more go & then leave it for a few days.
Thanks Mac