rigging a garage door


I’m looking for any suggestions on how to rig a garage door with armature bones. Normally i would just use a lattice that follows a curve in the form of a rounded off corner, but the thing is it has to be a rigged object because i want to import it in the unity game engine and this only reads armature animations

So how do i get 5 armature bones that are connected one after another to follow a curve in a snake like matter.

I already tried to put an empty to follow the curve and to track a bones to the empty, but the rig does not deform according to the curve.

I would highly appreciate any tips or suggestions.

No bones in this one, but maybe it will help? Just animate it along the Z-axis.


ras_garage_door.blend (179 KB)

thanks for the file!

I still cannot get the bones to follow the curve though. I did animate the door manually in the meantime, but it was more difficult than i thought, my animation is now a little jittery, but it will do.