Rigging a high poly model

I have a new model that I have create and would like to rig him, but hes pretty high poly and I’m not too great at rigging. Is there any easier way to rig a character besides grouping verts?

Like to have seen how high you’re meaning, though it’s a bad idea to rig high poly, not just because of the time needed to setting up the rig, but because high poly means longer render time for every frame. The usual method is to make a low poly version and texture the low poly version to look like the high poly. Normal Maps can be very effective at adding the high-res bumps if you do them right.

None of the rigging options can really be considered “easy,” it all takes getting your hands dirty so to speak, if you want to do it right. And as Lancer said, rigging to high poly models brings its own set of problems. Two options besides vertex weighting are using the Envelopes method, or rigging a mesh deform cage, both of which will have their own issues.

The only advantage i see in rigging high poly meshes is the way you can correct some deformations with preciser blenshaping keys.
I’m no good in mapping from high to low poly character… So, i’m myself quite tempted to use a little higher poly numbers that would realy be needed if i had some more skills. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not the only one who’s written a tutorial on Normal Mapping. It’s fairly simple once you do it a few times…

The concept of “high” and “low” poly count is kind of relative as well. I think a model that can hold very fine sculptural detail would be too dense to rig effectively with direct bone-to-vertex weighting (maybe not with other methods, though), but depending on mesh construction & topology in the areas of max deformation, models with moderately high polycount can be rigged well if carefully done. But that kind of task does not qualify as “easy” in anyone’s book. Rule of thumb is that the leaner your deformation cage, the “easier” it is to rig for successful deformation, but quality of construction is a very strong factor as well. Even low-poly meshes won’t rig easily if they’re not built with an eye for good deformation in all pose possibilities.

Right! Remembered to have seen this tut once. But now it’s bookmarked!
Thanks Lancer!

When i’ll come to that (for the next short i’ll bang my head for) i might ask you for some hints… especially with regard to the elbows, knees and other very articulated parts… :spin: