Rigging a hose, need some advice:

Hello all, I am trying to rig a piece of hose. More like a duct but I suppose any hose could be used as an example. I was hoping for some pointers on rigging it, mainly tips on how to keep it from overlaping and looking smooth while still bending.

I’m guessing I need alot more points for it but thought maybe someone had a good solid method they’d care to share to make life easier.

Thanks in advance.

Try using softbodies, i dnt know if you will be able to get very good results using bones, unless you use IK solvers. Ive seen a post in the animation about ‘faking softbodies’ by using hooks, the efeect seems to work nicely. What exactly are you planning on doing with the hose?

Have you tried extruding along a path?

http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/PartII/Curves#Extrude_Along_Path an example from the official wiki.

then animate the path, hope full will keep you saine

You can use RVK’s (Shapes in 2.4), or Hooks on the Curve. Or you can add a chain of bones and animate the Armature.


Well, I am working on a design of a thruster for a space ship, just Sci-Fi not a real one of course. What I was thinking about doing at the moment is having a jet(for turning the ship) mounted on the side and then use an animated “nozzle” to direct the flow of gas. I need it to bend 90*, if I get it to work would like to do it in a FMV so it has to be able to move not just be bent in place.

I didn’t think about softbodies, not sure if that’s what I want but I’ll have to give it a try.

I’ve seen the shapes modifier but haven’t had time to try using it yet, I didn’t really learn all the tools of 2.37a yet. :expressionless: But I was thinking of a chain of bones, just trying to keep it from wrinkling / creasing the mesh where it bends.

I figured I could do 2 extruded paths and use the vert loops as a guide for the bones in each position of the nozzle. If I go that route, would it be better to have it half bent, all bent or straight, at the rest position?

Half bent.