Rigging A Human Character's Mechanical Wings


(Linda Vuorenvirta) #1

Hello everyone,

I was hoping I could get some suggestions for how to rig part of one of my characters. She’s a human character with no non-human elements on her actual body, so there’s nothing unusual there. But at one part in my animation, she’s wearing mechanical (kind of steampunk-inspired) wings which open and close. The opening and closing action is really simple and can be handled with shape keys.

So the character’s body alone is okay, and the wings’ motion alone is okay. But I, of course, need to attach the wings to the character. I assume I’ll need to use a constraint of some kind, but since I’ve never done something like this before I’m kind of lost as to what’s the best choice.

Here’s a link to the file that has in it both the character and the wings:

Thank you so much for any help/advice!

(pauljs75_) #2

I’d think the child-of constraint would do it. Depending on the setup, it’s either at the object or bone level.

Not sure of that one detail, but this should give an overview of how to use a “child-of” constraint.

(Linda Vuorenvirta) #3

That worked! Thank you very much for your reply!

In case anyone else has this question at some point, what I did was add the child of constraint to the empty that is the parent of the wing meshes. The target of the child of constraint is a new bone that I ended up adding to the skeleton. It’s right about here: