Rigging a Local Duplicate

So Im following a tutorial for facial rigging in Maya, and trying to translate it into Blender, and I’ve run into a problem trying to mimic a feature in Maya. He creates a duplicate of his mesh, and sets it as a local blend shape deformer. This lets him deform the duplicated mesh, and the original copies the deforming in real time. He can make several duplicate meshes, the duplicates dont interact with eachother, but the original takes the transformations from all the duplicates. So he has a mesh with a nose rig, and a mesh for blinking, anything he doesnt want previous weight painting to get in the way of. I cant think of a way to achieve the same result, deforming a remote duplicate mesh that deforms the original at the same time.

As far as I know this workflow cannot be replicated in Blender, because there is currently no way of transferring shapekeys from one object to another. Shapekeys are contained in the object data, which is part of the object, and that’s all. There might be a way, but I don’t know it.


Ah, that’s a shame. Wonder if a different workflow can get results of similar quality. Facial rigging’s been kind of sparse for blender focused learning material.

On an upside if a specific shapekey is active while in edit mode, you’re working on that and not the base mesh. No need to produce extra copies for that purpose in the first place. Whether that’s good or bad specific to what you’re doing? Who knows?