Rigging a marshmallow character, mesh is not attached to bones.(personal)

I’m a beginner at blender and have followed the tutorials almost exactly as they had said. I added the bones to the character model then when I parent the bones to the character mesh in object mode with automatic weights, I go to pose mode to test it out and see if the mesh moves with the bones but it doesn’t. Can someone tell what is wrong with my rig? Or do I need to model it differently so that I can actually get blender to assign the vertices to the bones?
Here is what I have so far:marshmallow.blend (523 KB)

Check your tut again. Does it apply the first two modifiers before parenting to the armature?
As it is now, the mesh doesn’t have any weight information, just empty vertex groups.

Maybe you’ll need to redo it, but you can still apply weights manually and see how it comes out. Hint: deactivate modifiers’ visibility before doing so.