Rigging a Mermaid

I have created a mermaid model that I want to rig, but I’m not sure how to proceed. I gather I can’t use Rigify because it’s strictly for bipeds. But is there a way to modify the Rigify armature to make it work, other by turning two legs into one, or by rigging each leg to half of the tail mesh? Or will I just have to create the armature from scratch?

(This is a figure I am planning to use both in Blender anims and to export to Unity.)


You can delete the different parts (bones) of the metarig and also add new rig elements.

For your case, I would delete the legs and add either another spine chain for the tail or maybe just add a finger rig. A tentacle rig would be another choice.

Here is the sample file. http://www.pasteall.org/blend/36077

Total rigging time, three minutes.

You could also start with the pitchipoy metarig if you want facial controls. I have a custom setup mixing and matching the original Rigify rig and some pitchipoy elements.

Good luck!