Rigging a model...

Does anyone know where I can find a VERY good tutorial on rigging a human body? I’ve read a few but they end in frustration…

Or if anyone could provide a human armature (with bones for each finger)skeleton for my model… I would REALLY appreciate it… though I’m probably not going to get it since building a skeleton seems to be hard work…

Well… can anyone help me again?

A bit lazy??

Here’s a tutorial ( sorry, not a VERY GOOD one):

And an armature ( sorry just a toon one):



Rigging is a very involved process. The idea that it is quick and painless is common, but wrong for anything of any complexity (such as a person). (You can get acceptable deformations with simplistic rigging, often used in games, etc.)

Professionals (such as Pixar) spend a good portion of their time rigging the character models, as much as a month or two.

I’ve found that just playing with it shows you where improvements can be made. Weight painting can also be done while your character is posed, proving very helpful.

Take your time, and keep working at it. Good luck!

They’re good enough for me! Thanks! :smiley:

Yeah… after looking through other tutorials… that very truth occured to me…

Will do! Thanks! :smiley: