Rigging a modeled rope

I have a quick question. I was wondering what the process would be to rig a rope based off of a string of verts with a cloth modifier added to it. What I have is a high-poly rope on one layer, and a string of verts on another layer with a cloth sim and a wind generator. I’d like the modeled rope to follow the movements of the simulated verts. Is there a way to do this?

very challenging but here is what I think…

you will need to set up the high poly rope with a spline IK system

the curve that controls the spline IK will need to hve it’s control points dictated by hooks (empties)

the empties will need to be vertex parented to the appropriate vertices in the simulated mesh.

I don’t know your skill level, so you first may want to learn how to set up a spline IK (rig a rope) - there are many short tuts to see

then learn how to control a curve with hooks

then vertex parent

I figured it out, did pretty much what you said. Parented individual vertices to a series of empties, had those empties drive hooks on a curve, put a curve modifier on the rope array and it was all good to go. A pain to set up, but pretty awesome results. I’ll definitely be using it in future projects, I just wish I had enough python know-how to script some of it. Anyway, if anyone wants a short tut on how to set it up, let me know. I have a couple of tutorials under my belt that I need to get done.