Rigging a Quadruped

I’m having a lot of trouble trying to rig the main character of my game. There aren’t many tutorials on rigging four legged characters, but if anyone can give any tips on the rig I have now, that would be awesome.

On a real-life animal, the arms are structured differently- the upper arm is supposed to point towards the back, and the forearm faces the front. The upper arms on this character point forward, so that’s also making it more confusing to rig properly.

Well, I guess rigging this guy is gonna be harder than I thought…

If it helps at all, the bones sticking out on the bottom are supposed to be IK targets. The middle bone sticking out the top is supposed to be a main bone (to move the whole rig), and the other two on the top are IK targets for the hips and front arms. I’m not sure how to parent everything either, and the IK targets never seem to work properly- they just spin around all over the place if I try to move them.

You might try looking at the rigs for the Big Buck Bunny characters they should have some answers for you.


you may find this useful.


Sebastien Konig’s take on rigging a dog’s leg.